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Appreciate What You Have

Somebody is in the hospital begging God for the opportunity you have right now. Step into your moment” -Tony Robbins People are always focused on what they want and that is wonderful. How about what you have though? Do some charity work in the hospital and make someone else’s day brighter. Afterwards, perhaps you will have a […]


Tracking your Actions

“What gets measured, get’s improved” -Peter Drucker Knowing what you do daily, you can find the weak links to fix. For example, track where you spend your money, then you can find out where it is going and be conscious of how you spend it. You are probably thinking what a pain that will be. If you […]


Get it Sorted and Quick!

“One’s objective should be to get it right, get it quick, get it out, and get it over…your problem won’t improve with age.” – Warren Buffett Two monks were traveling together. Along the way they encountered an old woman trying to make journey up road. One of the monk’s asked if they could help her. He […]